「ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH」からのレディースライン「Ballet by BACKLASH」のデザイナーに2018 A/Wコレクションより、

革への拘りを追求し、製作工程を試行錯誤した上に完成されたブランド「ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH」。

ISAMUKATAYAMA BACKLASH is a brand built on the enthusiastic pursuit of quality leather and numerous experimental techniques.
We aim to push the boundaries of leather craftsmanship, focusing on perfecting our leather skills all year round,
from creating original materials to developing unique treatments and dyeing processes.
We choose not to give in to mass-production processes,
ensuring that each product is made with care by skilled technicians and is truly one of a kind.
Our ethos fuses respect for tradition as well as embracing the innovations of creative modern minds.
We offer a collection of leather products with timeless appeal and charm that will grow with time.